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“To enhance the inner beauty and confidence in our clients by using state-of-the-art practices and superior-quality products.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services personalized to each client to enhance their natural beauty in a safe and relaxed environment. By having our licensed CMA and estheticians on site to provide personal consultations and to educate our clients on the services best suited for their needs and the science behind them. This inclusive space and community is committed to a continued process of understanding and challenging all forms of oppression, primarily focusing on underrepresented orientations and expressions of one’s sex, gender and sexuality. Being dynamic, responsive and a collaborative organization that serves Atlanta, Ga and the surrounding regions by providing a growing spectrum of events, programs, resources, outreach and advocacy.

Our Vison

We envision a space where the diverse LGBTQIA+ community can find  beauty tips, healing & self-exploration, medical resources, education, and so much more. We are striving to be a facility for collective transformation and liberation by examination and addressing all forms of oppression. Our practice does this collaboratively with other community members, resource centers and campus communities, in order to develop systems of care and liberation. While our work will never be complete, it is the path we take to get there that inspires and motivates us to continue in our work. With no plans of stopping, we are the community serving the community!

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